1991 Apush Dbq Essays

Thesis- Although the division of the people and the opposition of the liberals and conservatives were responsible for the defeat of the treaty, a significant portion of the blame for the defeat is put on Woodrow Wilson’s ineptitude in handling flaws of the treaty and the willingness to avoid future entanglements in Europe. Topic Sentence 1- The division of the people and the opposition of the liberals and the conservatives limited the support for the treaty and allowed for its defeat in the senate. Document A- The speech to the Senate is saying that if even the president doesn’t support it then why should anyone support it. Document B- The document shows that the treaty did not satisfy any of the aspirations that the liberals had. Document I- The documents shows the division in the Women’s Peace Party although no one denied the need for an international organization. The Senate is heavily divided and didn’t reach the 2/3 majority vote to pass the treaty. The president sent letters to the democrats in the Senate to vote against the treaty.

...  Ganigan, Li, Wong 1  Anastasiya  Li, Kaili Ganigan, Vanessa Wong  Miss Conner  AP US History  10 December 2014  Historians have traditionally labeled the period after the War of 1812 the “Era of Good  Feelings.” Evaluate the accuracy of this label, considering the emergence of nationalism and  sectionalism. Use the documents and your knowledge of the period 1815­1825 to construct your  answer.     The "Era of Good Feelings", which took place during James Monroe's two terms serving  as President of the United States, unfortunately, was a misnomer. Considerable tranquility and  prosperity did in fact smile upon the early years of Monroe's presidency, but the period was a  troubled one. The fluctuating issues of national finances, political disagreements, and ideas from  this era  were being hotly contested. From 1815 through 1825, which occurred after the War of  1812, the “Era of Good Feelings” empathetically caused emergences of ideas of nationalism and  sectionalism. Although the “Era of Good Feelings” was a troubled time, the emergences of  sectionalism and nationalism affected national factors of economics, politics, and ideas during  this time. http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/repository/b_ushist_frq_02_10360.pdf  http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/repository/b_sg_ushistory_02_11405.pdf  Economically, the “Era of Good Feelings” was that of economic distress due to, tariffs ...

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