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He come, He saw, He conquered……….. He saw the waters; he conquered them in a ‘ship’. He saw the land, he conquered it on ‘wheels’. He saw the sky; he conquered it in an Aeroplane. By the end of the 20 century he devised ‘cloning’. Man walked in the 21st century as the conqueror of the world. He was the creator, the preserver and the destroyer all by himself. But one thing he could is not conquer was ‘time’. In fact the more advanced he  became; the more he lost out to time.

 Today life has become very fast. Everyone is striving to be the best and as a result, competition has increased manifolds. We are struck in never ending rat-race. A race, none of us can afford to lose. In such a situation the 24 hours we have must be used either for the development of the society or for the development of our personality.

Some people earn ten thousand a year but some ten lakhs. Time management is the only reason behind this. A person who can manage his time can manage everything.

Every person passes through four phases in his life-childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age. In each phase he has certain specific responsibilities. During Adolescence a person’s for most responsibility is towards him. As a student, his duty is to study well for future life. Wasting this time means killing a bright future.

Next course the middle age. This is when the focus shift from self to family. This is when an individual perform the role of a son, husband, a father and above all, a professional. He has to divide time very judiciously between his work and his family. There is no time to waste.

Finally the old age dawns. Some might think that this is the time for when a person can sit back and stare at the world. No the old age is when the sole responsibility of a person towards the society. Through this the person has to ensure that we contributes whatever, he can for the benefit of the coming generation.

Remember, to stare at something you have to stop and when you stop you lose one of the most precious things known to man, time. Our duty is to march on to your goal without wondering time on extraneous things.

Only idlers have time to stare at wayside things. But this does not completely rule out leisure in our life only when we have finished our jobs on hand, then and then only we should enjoy our leisure and thus lays the real pleasure of life.

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Note: This is a guest post by Diane Dutchin of Coaching Alive the Mind, Body & Spirit.

We’ve heard this statement a few times “time stands still for no man”. How true are those words. Time denotes our existence here on earth, the dash – between the dates of our birth to the last day of our life contains a personal history of who we were, how we lived, who we knew and what we did with our lives. 

It is filled with memories of love, joy, laughter, pain, sorrow, anger, forgiveness, emotions all entertained, some internalized, some expressed, and some exploded.

In the midst of our living, time continues on its endless journey – time is a gift, though we rarely stop and acknowledge it as such. With every day time is equally allotted to everyone – 24 hours, and what we do with that time is totally up to us. 

We can spend our time wisely, or worthlessly, we can squander it, or invest it, we can enjoy it, or abuse it, we can live it, or retreat from it, but it moves on regardless.

Time cannot be contained, only the memories caught within that time can be! With time we have the amazing ability to capture within our memory bank those moments that cause us to become embodied with adrenaline, love, passion, peace, and a revealing awareness of who we are as individuals.

As a result of what time allowed us to live, we can identify with what turns us on, and off. We then find ourselves gravitating towards events and people that will cause us to experience again, and again to what has awaken our being.

The analogy of the effective use of time is demonstrated by first placing large rocks firsts into a jar before adding pebbles, sand and water. This is simply to illustrate the representation of using time wisely by attending first to the most important tasks, and so forth.

Sometimes what is caught we’d like to forget, or have a chance to go back and redo, but we can’t because time does not stand still, and does not rewind. We can only learn from what transpired within that time, grow from it and move on.

Time does however; give us opportunities to make changes within ourselves that would empower us to be better human beings. To seek forgiveness for wrong we’ve incurred, and seek to forgive, to change how we see others, how we view ourselves, to add value and build our self-esteem, which will ultimately have a positive effect on those around us.

Time according to the Webster dictionary is defined as a period; it’s like a capsule of life being caught and preserved by actions and words of humans being that unfolds into what essentially makes up our lives.

Time cannot be seen; a clock simply is used as a gauge to keep us aware of what we need to do, and when we need to do it.

Within the sphere of time we have the ability to do whatever we want, but using time to be effective is time well spent. Unconsciously, we make the decision daily as to how we’re going to spend time, let’s spend it wisely creating memories that will benefit you and those you’ll touch.

Dealing with different aspects of time:

Important Time

Is the time we use to attend to the things that are of high importance in our live; like working to earn a living, filling the role as a parent, and partner. Paying bills, balancing our budget, attending school, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all things that usually take up our important time. Prioritizing these tasks will add value to our lives, and leave us with a feeling of fulfillment at day’s end.

Interrupted Time

Are the things that creep into our day that are unexpected, like being delayed in traffic jam, missing the bus connection, and work load increase with other unfinished projects on the go are a few things that shows up in our lives that sometimes can send us back. Recognizing that some of the time interrupted issues are out of our control will help to ease elevation of stress, and we’ll be in a better frame of mind to come up with alternate ways to tackle the issue at hand.

Escape Time

Those moments when we simply need to get away from the daily grind, to step back, step away from the situation and clear our heads. Using times like these are very important to maintain sanity; especially when we find ourselves being short tempered on the job, snapping at others for no reason. Escape time is healthy when we’re in a relationship that is going sour with no hope of reconciliation – not that we’re running away, but simply stepping back to gather our thoughts together to make healthy choices.

Relaxing Time

The time we enjoy good food with great company, get caught up with what’s going on in the lives of our friends, vacationing, watching TV, reading a book, or participating in something that we enjoy doing. Setting aside time to relax is a must; hard work should be rewarded. Taking time to relax will reenergize the mind and body, and we’ll be able to reflect on what we’re grateful for; our jobs, loved ones, health, and whatever earthly possession we have, and sometimes take for granted.

Dream Time

Or what I like to refer to as “me time”. We should take time to dream, this allows our mind toreevaluate where we’re at in life, see what area needs work, and take note of how our dreams are being manifested, and those that we’ve allowed to die.

This will give us the opportunity to awaken that desire and bring that dream back to life. Dream time gives us that chance to self align and take stock of our life’s journey, and serves to remind us of what our desires are and take steps to live those dreams.

Action Time

This is where we take actions, make movement to execute those dreams, live those desires, and go after our goals. Write down what steps are needed to manifest those dreams, record our mission statement, goals, deadline and reasons why we’re going after that dream. Then implement it! There’s something powerful about walking out what the mind has processed.

Bed Time

This just may be one of the times we look forward to; especially when we’re spent from a hectic day. It is important to get at least 6-8 hours of restful sleep; this not only builds the immune system, but also gets us ready to handle what the new day will bring that requires the use of time.

We need to use the time we have now, to live in the now, to embrace good, to love ourselves unconditionally, to give life to others by showing we care, and by adding value to others.

Time is too precious of a gift to waste, so make the decision to use the time given to you wisely, and you will not only find fulfillment, but enjoyment in the process.

Diane Dutchin works part time as a Writer, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach based in Vancouver BC who blogs about fitness, encouraging, mind stimulating and life changing topics. Check out her work at Coaching Alive the Mind, Body & Spirit and 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution.

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